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Bee-Power Nutrition Information

Packed with natural goodness Bee-Power is one of nature’s most complete foods. Only a teaspoon a day is needed to provide high intensity nutrition. Bee-Power is packed with natural goodness. 100% Australian owned and made Bee-Power is high in protein, and antioxidants, low in fat, full of amino acids, contains zinc, and has Omega 3 (ALA) which are important in our diets. The ingredient which makes Bee-Power so powerful is natural pollen. Although honey such as raw honey or Manuka honey contain many useful properties, Bee-Power provides a much wider range of vitamins and minerals for well-being.

Bee-Power’s formula is ideal for anyone wanting improve their fitness with the benefits of bee pollen well recognised by sports people for many decades. World class athletes take Bee-Power to improve stamina, performance and endurance before workouts and competitions, claiming Bee-Power improves recovery after exercise, returning breathing and heart rate to normal, and improves endurance for repeat exertion.

High in protein, Bee-Power is an ideal supplement for body builders to help build muscle tissue. 

Bee-Power has been tested by the Australian Institute of Sport Testing Laboratories and has been found free of stimulants, narcotics, diuretics and anabolic agents.

Avg. qty per 30g
daily serve
Avg. qty per
100g serving
Energy 449kJ (107 calories) 1497kJ (358 calories)
Protein 7.5gm 25gm
Fat - Total 0.6gm 1.9gm
- Saturated 0.1gm 0.4gm
- Trans Less than 0.1 g Less than 0.1 g
- Polyunsaturated 0.3gm 0.9gm
- Omega 3 Alphalinolenic Acid 240mm 800mm
- Monosaturated 0.1g 0.4g
Carbohydrates 24.1gm 80.4gm
- Sugars 19.5gm 64.9gm
Sodium 1.0mg 3.0mg
Zinc 2.4 mg (20% RDI*) 8.0gm
Antioxidants 206 µmol TEAC ** 688 µmol TEAC**
Iron .75mg 2.5mg
Vitamin C 1.59mg 5.28mg
Calcium 6.9mg 23mg
Magnesium 6mg 20mg
Vitamin B3 .75mg 2.48mg
* Recommended Daily Intake    ** Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity

* Recommended Daily Intake ** Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity

Bee-Power contains 22 amino acids. Our bodies do not produce all the amino acids it needs. Bee-Power is the perfect supplement to ensure we have all the amino acids we need for growth, repair and maintenance of body tissue. Here are some of the amino acidsfound in Bee-Power - an impressive line up by anyone's standards!

Amino Acids
Alanine Arginine
Aspartic Acid Cystine
Glutamic Acid Glycine
Histidine Isoleucine
Leucine Lysine
Methionine Phenylalanine
Proline Serine
Threonine Tryptophan
Tyrosine Valine


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