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Tell Us YOUR  Bee Power Experience

Evonne Goolagong-Cawley, MBE, AO

Four times Australian Open Champion, Two times Wimbledon
Champion, One time French Open Champion


  I began taking Bee-Power last year and have become a huge fan. Taken daily - sometimes twice daily - I find it gives me that extra zip to help me through my hectic schedule. It's healthy, natural and
I love the taste. It's great for all ages too.
My pro-soccer playing son, Morgan, finds it helps his stamina and endurance and my daughter Kelly
boosts her immune system daily with Bee-Power.
Bee-Power is a real family affair with us!

Max Haubus "Rising Star 2004", Sydney

  Thank you for putting me onto Bee-Power. This fabulous honey product has really made an enormous difference to my energy levels on the soccer field. I now run like the wind, sting like a bee and definitely score more goals. Now everyone in my Manly Warringah Dolphins team and the NSW Regional Excellence program team want to have the same "Bee-Power" as I have. From the Bee Kidd. PS This is a picture of me in action at the State Titles held in Mudgee in October 2004. 

Patrick Nyangelo

  Two times winner of the Sydney City to Surf . Patrick and his fellow Tanzanian runners have been taking Bee-Power since 2003. 

“ Bee Power is now an essential part of the teams training. Coach Suleiman Nyambui believes Bee-Power is the most powerful natural supplement available for his athletes.”

L Brownjohn, Helensburgh, NSW

   About a month ago I bought a jar of Bee-Power. I have been taking it every morning for breakfast on a slice of toast and I can feel the difference in my well being. HELP! Could you please send me some more?  

N Taylor, Grafton, NSW

   A My partner and I have been on Bee-Power for 3-4 weeks now and have never felt better. We both noticed an improvement in our well being about 3 days after commencing Bee-Power and now we have so much more get-up and go.

We are both employed in strenuous jobs and also early starts and long days and hated getting out of bed at the best of times, but since starting on Bee-Power we now have no trouble at all. We still get physically exhausted but not rundown tired.

We would recommend Bee-Power to anyone and have talked 3 people into having a go.

J Sears, Geurie, NSW

   Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate Bee-Power.
I am recovering from Ross River virus and have found Bee-Power to be wonderfully helpful in keeping my energy levels high, and is definitely aiding my recovery.

Darryn Lang, Warringah Council, NSW

   Being a Rugby League official at the highest level means that your fitness must be that of the same. In particular training 3-4 nights a week and game day, your endurance and strength are worked to the maximum. Bee-Power has been the secret ingredient to my Peak Performance, enabling me to continue to perform week in week out, and gain that added boost required in the greatest game of all.

W Leung, Marsfield, NSW

   My husband and I have been using Bee-Power for 6 months daily. We find we have more energy throughout the day. We really enjoy the benefits of Bee-Power which improves our health, mentally and physically. We introduce the honey to our relatives and friends and they give us the same answers.

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