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It's healthy, natural and I love the taste."
Evonne Goolagon - Wimbledon Winner

It's not just any honey - it's a unique Low Gi EUCALYPTUS HONEY and BEE POLLEN infusion!

Infusing two of nature’s most powerful and effective ingredients.

Honey & pollen are the superfoods even recommended by Hippocartes 2,500 years ago. And perhaps most importantly, thanks to its pollen content, BeePower has measurable anti-oxidant activity.

  • Triple AAA Rating - Bee-Power
  • Anti-Oxidants - to mop up free radicals
  • Amino Acids & Omega 3 - to balance your metabolism.
  • Anti-Bacterial Action & Zinc










As Seen on NineMSN(Money) : Starting a buzz: natural energy

For a man who has developed a natural honey and pollen product designed to improve stamina, vitality and energy levels, Frank Maiolo is certainly a shining example of its impact. The former tiler and ...

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"It gives me that extra zip ... It's healthy, natural and I love the taste." - Evonne Goolagon, Wimbledon Champion. Two times winner of the Sydney City to Surf. Patrick and his fellow Tanzanian runners have been taking Bee-Power since 2003 "This fabulous honey product has really made an enormous difference to my energy levels" - Max Haubus (Rising Star 2004)
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